Mini-launch halt

Mini-launch halt

Posted by Mar Qaroll | November 19, 2020

To begin, if anyone has even remotely kept up with the smallest of changes to DeVerse over the past fourteen years, you'll know this was probably coming sooner or later.

My health isn't the best. It prevents me from accomplishing much of the things I want to do in my life, and halts for DeVerse have come and gone as the years go by. This must be the fourth or fifth time, in fact.

I intended for DeVerse to "mini-launch" on December 31st, less than fifty days from now. As things are, I might have to push for a 2021 date after all, something I was hoping I wouldn't have to do. The change isn't a big deal, nothing pertinent that ruins anything, it's just...a hope. I've been preparing things related to DeVerse for so long...

In any case, I'll still be working on DeVerse, of course! When possible, updates will be posted here and maybe on the Facebook page. We shall see.

Thanks for your understanding! 2020 just isn't anyone's year, is it?