DeVepedia passes 15 articles!

DeVepedia passes 15 articles!

Posted by Mar Qaroll | September 26, 2020

...or 25, depending on how you look at it.

And, ah...technically, there's even more pages than that, but you don't know that, do you?! 🤫

In all seriousness, there are far more pages than just fifteen or twenty-five! But all of those pages are categories and for maintenance, so they don't count. Now, the DeVepedia archive, on the other hand...

Whoo, boy. That's a lot of pages!

DeVepedia is looking particularly swanky, and it's only going to get even more awesome as more pages and maybe even features are added. It still needs an https direct, but that will come...

Speaking of features, however, there's some bad future news...albeit it's a long way off before it happens.

The host for DeVepedia, Google Sites, is getting rid of the system, if you will, used for it in 2021. Google is going to switch over to a new (and not at all liked) "system" that currently works horrendously with DeVepedia's formatting used now. 

All that can be hoped is that Google takes a hint and does some severe upgrades for this "new" system (that are ironically not as good as Classic Google Sites).

We will see as time moves on, and there will be a flow of updates to this matter as necessary.

Onward to that wiki!!

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