DeVerse on Discord!

DeVerse on Discord!

Posted by Mar Qaroll | September 22, 2020

Going right along with the new DeVerse additions for the year, the most impressive and one of many long-desired developments official Discord server

This is a place where fellow Devites and those curious about DeVerse can interact with like-minded people and speak to Mar in live-time. 

Feel free to join below or, if that doesn't work, click here. Don't worry, the link is eternally active. Please, share it with anyone who may be interested in alternative lifestyles and/or fashion! 

More information about the server and DeVerse itself is available there in #intro-to-deverse after you agree to the rules. That unlocks everything in the server, and more will be unlocked depending on the roles you select in #the-roles.

See you there!

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