Future DeVerse complications

Future DeVerse complications

Posted by Mar Qaroll | October 9, 2020

I decided to create a category/label on the blog called challenges. This will be for the advancement and discussion of difficulties DeVerse faces currently and possibly in the future.

To begin...

Over ten years ago, DeVerse started in my bedroom. Be it this was when both I and the idea of DeVerse were still quite young, I never considered making "serious" online profiles for myself or for it. Such things include creating a MySpace account, a Facebook account, or a LinkedIn account, all of which existed before I started DeVerse in 2006. These seemed far too advanced, far too mature, for DeVerse, which at the time was nothing more than an idea and a dream. 

Now that I have decided to truly pursue my dream and started to make its presence known online, I have done some things I should have secured a long time ago: creating a unique brand.

By this I mean trademarking or at least owning domain names, creating online profiles to secure site urls and usernames, and so forth. Because I didn't do this sooner, a great challenge I now face is the existence of other names for businesses or such things online that match DeVerse's. It is because of this that DeVerse is not currently known as or has the domain name of DeVerse but DeVerse LLC.

Small a thing as that is, it bothers me. Greatly.

Of course, as things are now, there is nothing I can do about this. Maybe in the future I might be able to buy these things from others, as I am quite serious about this name, or maybe by the time DeVerse is 100% up and running, several of these usernames will be available. Who knows?

As things are now, I must run with DeVerse LLC—even when there is already a business called DeVerse, LLC. It seems to be a computer-related company. The comma in its name, however, may be a godsend.

The big question that I must present to my law firm is: Does said comma make it a godsend? 

As things are now, I can only hope. 

If anyone has suggestions, ideas, questions, or comments on this matter, please let me know!

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